WiTricity: a dream coming true

WiTricity: a dream coming true
Witricity snapshot

Witricity snaphot

Wireless and electricity. It was back in 2005 when I got in the very last minute at one of my MBA lessons and quickly realized that all the wall sockets were taken and I was unable to recharge my mobile phone. I suddenly asked to a friend of mine (an engineer) “would it be possible to get electricity without phisically plugging it somewhere?”. He stared at me an explained why this was not possible because of something about ampere and other phisics basics.

In 2007 a MIT team patented Witricity. I could not explain the logic better than quoting them “To achieve wireless power transfer in a way that is both practical and safe, one needs to use a physical phenomenon that enables the power source and the device (in this case, the mobile phone) to exchange energy strongly, while interacting only weakly with living beings and other environmental objects, like furniture and walls. The phenomenon of coupled resonators precisely fits this description. Two resonant objects of the same resonant frequency tend to exchange energy efficiently, while interacting weakly with extraneous off-resonant objects.

This is the dawn of what I believe is the next big thing, that will change our future. Yes, it will take some time to roll-out and come into our offices and then houses, but those guys are progressing in a fantastic way. I sometimes go on their website to learn what’s new about this idea.

If you want to do the same or learn more, they are here

If you prefer to go fast and just have a look at Wikipedia


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