Store windows and dressing rooms

Store windows and dressing rooms

iglass_ver2_02bStore windows are becoming interactive and dressing rooms populated by holograms.

It was a late spring evening when Elizabeth stop in front of Ladys, one of her favourite clothing shop. The window was displaying a nice dress that caught her attention. When she got close to look at it a bit more, her smartphone asked her to start a conversation with Lady’s avatar. She opted in and the voice asked her if she wanted to virtually try the dress. The moment she accepted, a micro-camera positioned at the top of the window scanned her body and in a second returned back on the smartphone’s screen her silhouette nicely attired into that garment. She asked to see it in black and then in blue, and the image on the screen suddenly followed.

Still not convinced (Elizabeth is a bit old style) she asked to the avatar to move to the dressing room. Into the shop, she entered the room and an hologram appeared just in front of her. She asked for the price and then gave the instruction to walk and sit down, and her alterego moved in front her, so she could appreciate the fit, the wrinkles and the flaws of the fabric. She nodded. That’s mine and will be blue. She tapped her smartphone screen and the avatar confirmed with a big smile price, her home delivery address and the quantity of loyalty points accrued on her balance.

n-HOLOGRAM-SHOPPING-large570Elizabeth’s experience is not very far from becoming reality. Several stores around the world, thanks to interactive storefront windows, are virtually extending to 24/24 the possibility to engage the customer, interact with him and guide him into and exciting new proposition.

The best installations of interactive Windows are captured on a website called (not surprisingly) Best Window Display. Some are really great, let’s imagine what they would look like in the next 10 years!

Dressing room holograms are not reality yet. What we have up to now are interactive mirrors, coupled with cameras and software, as seen in the picture. They obviously add something fresh and technologic to the customer experience, on top of saving time to the consumer who don’t have to undress anymore. But may also represent a new stimulus for partnership between retail chains and fashion designers and also create a new stream of jobs of programmer / tailors for holograms. A complete article on the future of shopping has been posted in May 2014 on the Huffington Post, but if you like to see something similar in action, just have a look at this great youtube video of the ViTech interactive fitting room.


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