Conversation about future professions

Conversation about future professions

Conversation about future professionsBig corporations, social responsibility or small networks?

Benny: it’s a lot of time I’m thinking about it, but I’ve taken a decision, I want to have a career in a big corporation

Gordon: that kind of companies without an environmental conscience?

Benny: that’s not about social or green, they’re the ones having such a scale to compete globally, innovate and keep the pace with fast changing consumer demand

Oliver: I don’t care that much if they are big or green, I don’t want a company, I imagine myself in a network of professionals changing project and location quite often around the world

Gordon: yeah, that would be nice, but travelling too much is a mess if you want a family, playing tennis with your friends over the weekend or dining with the girl next door… what about life-work balance?

Benny: hey guys, think long term, I can sacrifice something for a while, what I really want is a pension, opportunities of growth, big bonuses paid on performance…

Oliver: long term… you read the newspapers? each time a big corp downsizes… jobs lost are counted in thousands… if I have to take a risk I prefer a small unknown start-up, so if it really works and maybe Google purchases it, my future is already secured!

Recently PWC posted an interesting report about future professional scenarios and the evolution of the role HR (.pdf). They imagine three scenarios coloured as Blue, Green and Orange (thus the names of Benny, Gordon and Oliver). Blue is the corporation world. Green is about the social responsibility. Orange is around the small networks of professionals and companies. It’s not a futuristic report per se, but helps to categorize future options properly.

If you are interested in a good infographic about future professions, including those not yet existing like (civilian drone controller, space tourist pilot or asteroid miner), just give a look at this page on the website of the University of Kent.

Last but not least a serious statistic trend analysis of existing professions provided by Business Insider can be found at this link. Ranking up at the 3rd place we can find Software Application Developers, at the 2nd General and Operations Managers and guess who at the 1st place? Get there or think about the increasing needs for care of our aging population.

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