31december2099 review of tsu the fastest growing social network

31december2099 review of tsu the fastest growing social network

tsu-engagementWe are interested in future technologies, science progresses and digital developments so we didn’t resist to trial tsu, the fastest growing social network which claims to share revenues with its participants. They have a model where the platform keeps 10% of the revenues, while the rest is redistributed to members based on their engagement and recruited network.



Cash balance is moving up. 31december2099 is a brand whose mission is to deliver information about future trends in technology and science; we have both content written by us (the posts on the blog) and articles generated by the most important magazines and other sources, so we did on tsu what we do in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, share that content. Users come, read, like, comment, share and we do the same with other people’s posts. Every morning the balance goes up a bit depending on your level of activity the day before. We tested different strategies, if you post between 4 and 10 interesting items per day in a growing network and share content, it works.

tsu_where_fromFriends and followers pile up fast. Everybody pushes for connections, because a vast network increases the number of interactions. Tsu is by far the place where our networking has grown faster than any other social network. Anything we posted received appreciation and attracted additional followers. We also invited some real life friends to join, because part of the revenues come from the activity of your “children” (joiners invited by you), in a scheme that remembers pyramidal marketing (along with its reputation issues). Obviously some of them joined, attracted by the revenue sharing element; with this in mind, tsu is dragging users from competitors.

tsu_analytics_31december2099Analytics for all. Tsu comes with a nice analytics chart showing you, by period and by post, the level of engagement you generated in terms of views, likes and comments. Nothing professional, but very simple and clear (and not hidden as in Twitter). Not surprisingly pictures drive a lot of contacts, links to interesting posts with an appealing cover picture perform the same as pictures, mere text goes a bit unseen. Every post receives unique address id, making easier to share it via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, because tsu it’s almost not integrated with anything.

Diversity. Less than 20% of the network is American, the rest is really from all over the world. As people don’t post private pictures of their families and friends or very personal thoughts, but viceversa everybody wants to have maximum sharing of content, it’s really easy to get in touch with people from everywhere and, if you try to start a meaningful conversation, the real social nature of people shows up. It’s something that Facebook has lost and Twitter will never achieve with 140 c.


Quality of engagement. Everybody coming on our page contributes with a like, share or comment and invite us to be friends or simply begins to follow. Everything you post receives some feedback. It becomes quite annoying to receive comments like “cool pic”, “nice” and “good”, because people do it just to increase their level of activity. We then decided to stop following actively folks just to enlarge the network and we are waiting for followers to join spontaneously or send friendship invitation; as for any other social network, we believe great content drives value.

b (1)Advertising. Tsu has for sure a great potential. The only advertising is on the right / left column of your page and it’s not targeted. We were supposed to click on advertising posts related to fragrances and perfumes, shoes and camping… all interests we don’t have. When the algorithm will be able to generate targeted offers and promotional communication under the form of recommended posts in the page (like Facebook and Twitter), tsu will make more money.

Search capabilities. The internal tool is poor. If you search by name it returns you just the names that fit the menu window. If you search by #hashtag it returns you all the posts, but each of them occupies half of the screen, so you have to scroll down continuously to check if there’s something interesting. It’s so inefficient that I think it’s done by purpose, so the only way to find content is really visiting randomly user’s pages, which increases the time spent on the website (it’s a kpi to understand how potential is the site for an advertiser).

It doesn’t offer any other feature. No communities, no lists, no gamification, no post scheduling, no API, no chat etc… I believe users now don’t care, because too involved in promoting themselves, but at some point the social nature of human creatures will emerge and tsu will add additional features according to their strategy. If users number grows faster than revenues, at some points users will receive just peanuts (if nothing at all) and re-engaging them will be a must for tsu.

I hope we provided enough hints for you to decide to join tsu or not. 31december2099 has decided to stay there and use tsu as an official social network among the others. If you want to join, click on the pictures above or simply input 31december2099 in the login page when prompted for an invitation.


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