Cancer drug development time halved thanks to artificial intelligence

Cancer drug development time halved thanks to artificial intelligence

We love this post because it helps to re-balance the general opinion about evil artificial intelligence promoted by sci-fi movies. AI, as a tool, is able to help humanity in the meantime we learn how to have a friendly one! The idea of exploiting the capabilities of an artificial intelligence in terms of speed of computation and ability to find patterns has already helped to reduce the time needed for drug development and medicine research. After many public and private campaigns to increase funding into cancer reasearch, it would be surprising that a machine finds the solution. It doesn’t mean the researchers do not deserve a big thank you, just what we believe at 31december2099, that is “it’s not a single disruptive technology which makes the difference, but the combination of several innovations”.

I have spot the above topic on this source first

The Telegraph – Cancer drug development time halved thanks to artificial intelligence

Some readers claimed this has nothing to do with artificial intelligence, it’s just massive application of computing power. The point is that that power has been coupled with Bayesian algorithms aimed at spotting differences in behavior of cancer cells, thus the development of targeted solutions. I think we can consider this an AI application.

We’re looking at 14 trillion data points in a single tissue sample. We can’t humanly process that,” said Niven Narain, a clinical oncologist and Berg Health co-founder.

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I decided to give emphasis to this topic, because it goes under the new stream of “personalized solutions”, a major trend in future healthcare. I then went to the Berg startup website and, in fact, we can read the following statement:

The Berg Healthcare Analytics approach leads to personalized data on a patient that allows the healthcare provider to understand which treatments he or she would best respond to.

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