2035 amazing future: the end of the world as we know it

2035 amazing future: the end of the world as we know it

Future in 2035? If you want to be bold try 2055!

In 2035 we will be 9 billion on planet earth. That’s probably the most correct statement we can do about such a distant future. The rest is for trend spotters, visionaries, futurists or professional foresighters.

This post is just to tell that 31december2099 decided to investigate technology in 2035. Will it be an amazing future?

In our calendar this topic will receive a lot of attention for the next month or so.

Future technologies

31december2099 future in 2035I’m not going to describe complex politic, energy, economy or social scenarios. I will also try to avoid the prevalent buzz on artificial intelligence, driverless cars and virtual reality.

This month I’m going to talk about some niche topics that you will love. The first goes under the label of “augmented humans“. Aging slow down, skin in spray, mind control and brain upload, smart suits or contact lenses and personalized vaccines are not dreams.

Quantum computing is second big thing. The search “quantum computers” in Google is a growing trend with +40% searches in the last year. I am going to describe what it is and why it’s important. In the end we all know the silicon age will come to an end at some point.

I then want to dedicate a chapter to “home robots“.  If the smartest robot we have now is the Roomba vacuum cleaner, there must be a reason. I will try to shine a light on the future of robots operating in our favorite environment, our home. They will be humanoids or just specialized pieces of equipment?

A fourth area of research will be dedicated to robobees. If bees continue disappearing at this rate, it is estimated that by 2035 there will no honeybees left in the US. Are we prepared?

Last but not least, there’s an idea that strikes a chord: holographic recreation of (dead) people. Does it make sense and why? Stay tuned if you want to have a conversation with Freddy Mercury.

Amazing future scenarios

31december2099 life at office in 2035Of course all the above is not enough for curious people. So, I decided to investigate a bit more the life at office in 2035. Some say our offices will have holodecks, like Star Treck’s. Others just agree that the receptionist will be a robot and a lot of clerical jobs will be performed by machines. In the middle, a plethora of solutions to explore: wearables, real time translators, open air gesture control, to name a few. Some of them will never see the light. But some are really interesting. If we have learnt a lesson from the past, one point is clear: future technologies facilitating the relationships between people win. Innovations aimed at replacing the interaction between human beings are just fads.

Book review

31december2099 singularityMy last promise is to place on the ring two heavyweights of singularityRay Kurzweil with “The singularity is near” and James Barrat with “Our final invention”. Why? First, because singularity is expected to happen around 2035. Second, because both authors contribute to the AI topic in a significant way. Everything cannot be reduced to the mere juxtaposition of optimistic vs pessimistic. I’ll explain you why and try to answer the question “are we going to have an amazing future or a scary one?”?

In the meantime, just a foretaste of two sentences I love, one from each book:

“One cubic inch of nanotube circuitry, once fully developed, would be up to one hundred million times more powerful than the human brain.” Ray Kurzweil

“If we build a machine with the intellectual capability of one human, within five years, its successor will be more intelligent than all of humanity combined. After one generation or two generations, they’d just ignore us. Just the way you ignore the ants in your backyard.” James Barrat

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Bonus video

If you got to this point you deserve a good video about 2035, I spot on YouTube. Just begin to free your imagination.


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