Burning questions

Burning questions

The collective intelligence is more powerful than any individual knowledge.

That’s why I share here the topics I’m investigating for future posts.


They are an opportunity for you to contribute to the articles. I’m going to incorporate in the blog your opinion and your bio as an external contributor, if you have a valid comment which helps to understand the topic. If you share a relevant resource, I will give credit to you and mention it in my articles. My burning questions are below, I’m happy for you to contribute with illuminating answers.


1. What will be the impact of automation, robots and AI on the future of work?

2. Is AI going to become your next manager?

3. How office work will look like in 20 years?

4. What is the role of virtual reality and new technologies in learning and education?

5. What has been your biggest eureka moment in your artificial intelligence research?

6. Are we ever going to have an affair with a robot?

7. Wearables technology into clothing to do exactly what?

8. How nanotechnology is going to impact visibly our life and when?

9. Innovation and technology for the poor and the weak, can it work?

10. Can we imagine a development of healthcare solutions and tools at home?


In reality I have more questions… but cannot manage too many.