Blog with us!

Blog with us!

31december2099 is now open to Independent Bloggers who want to publish posts on their own.


Process to become a Blogger

  • Write an email to 31december2099 using the Contact me form
  • Be sure name, email and website (if available) are fully completed
  • Provide your public Linkedin URL
  • Provide your Twitter profile URL
  • Provide me at least a couple of links to your relevant articles and posts
  • Let me know which topics / tags are you interested in

I will review your profile in 24 hours and if there’s a clear fit with 31december2099 I’m going to email you an invitation to access directly to 31december2099 Author panel. Then it’s up to you.

Obviously if you want support in both using the Author features and / or writing your article, I’m ready to support.

Be aware that when you press the blue Publish button… you’re live on all channels, so please control carefully your content before submitting it to thousands passionate readers. Use the Save Draft functionality.

Ready to blog?


Independent Blogger FAQ

  • Bloggers shall posts in line with 31december2099 main topics and tags: futurist technologies, artificial intelligence, robots, virtual and augmented reality, future scenarios in business, travel, health, home and leisure.
  • A Blogger can create, edit, publish, and delete only their own posts, as well as upload files and images; can edit comments made on their posts.
  • Bloggers do not have access to create, modify, or delete pages, nor can they modify posts by other users.
  • Bloggers always write under their own responsibility.
  • The Editor maintains the right to cancel out of topic posts at any time.
  • Bloggers have to state their real name and surname, email contact and twitter account (if available).
  • Bloggers are not paid and will benefit of the visibility associated to 31december2099; their article will be automatically posted on Social Network channels associated to the brand (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin).
  • Pictures chosen for the post will be published in Instagram under the 31december2099 account.
  • Bloggers are free to link their article to other Social Networks, independent webpages, other sources.
  • Bloggers can post their article on 31december2099 under no Exclusivity Agreement.
  • Bloggers must disclose business or personal relationships with companies cited in their articles.
  • Articles can be in multiple languages, but english is mandatory.
  • Bloggers must reply to comments in a polite and professional way; litigations are not allowed on the blog and may lead to ban.



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