What is 31december2099

What is 31december2099

This is a Futurist Hub. I am committed to bringing you the most relevant news about the Future.

My name is Andrea Ferrante.

At 31december2099 I select and deliver to readers the most incredible and fascinating stories about what’s happening at the frontiers of technology that will impact our lives in the mid term future.

I call them Chronicles from the Future. Because future is already here.

Stories are about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Disruptive Technologies (Virtual and Augmented Reality, Wearables, Drones, Nanotechnology, Robots and Internet of Things) and Startup, because people behind innovation matter.

The only reason I do this is: passion. You don’t have to purchase anything. This passion is already paid back, with more than 200.000 monthly visits along all 31december2099 streams (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tsu, Instagram, Flipboard, Pinterest and Linkedin). You are an influencer so I encourage you to share the posts, this is the best way to help me.

If you subscribe the monthly Newsletter, I offer you a bonus, an exciting ebook I wrote recently, it’s titled “A wonderful journey into motivation”. I will never spam or sell your data to third parties and you’ll have the best of future technologies in your email once per month.



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